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    Until recently I'd had no issues with WP on my 600, but just within the last few days it has ceased to load images. I can still click on images to load them manually, but this is a PITA.

    Once manually loaded, they remain in the cache until the end of a session. Any advice appreciated.
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    I've had that happen with 3.0.1c. Fixed it by uninstalling, re-installing then restoring the 2 NovarraBookMark files (one is the bookmarks, one is the categories). Worked ever since. You can also restore the cookies, etc., but I didn't bother.

    Where/how did you get 3.5? Is it hacked for Treo 600?
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    I got it here, at least I had it emailed to me via here. According to "About palmOne Web Pro" it's v 3.5. According to Filez, it was installed on 6/13/04. That's the only time I've done boo with it.

    It's hacked to use the Palm proxy, but the preference to use the proxy has to be reset every time I start the application. I'll try reinstalling when I get home later. Hopefully I didn't trash the original file.

    edit: found the ol' girl. It's WP3.5 hacked to work with the Palm Proxy. Deleted/reinstalled. All is well. Thanks!
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