Hi, everybody.
I apologize if this issue has been already treated elsewhere, or if it is just too stupid, or if this is not the proper forum to post, but I have a problem.

I have been using a 600 for more than one year and I received right now a 650 (GSM). I live in Italy, so the device must be an unlocked one (I bought from PalmOne through a sort of "fidelity upgrade" offer).

In the 600 I used to set the network preferences (I mean the kind of connection - gprs, the username, password, and the APN address), and then each time I used any e-mail or browser application the connection was automatically based on my preferences.

Now, when using blazer with my new 650 (and the old SIM), it appears that the connection occurs (exclusively and always) through an APN (a wap-gprs server!) which, for sure, I never selected, neither I want to use (I have some kind of data plan requiring the use of a specific APN). I also tried to untick the "use a proxy" option, with no success.

VersaMail seems to run as I expected (but I think I will never use it, SnapperMail looks much better, isn't it?).

Any advice? Many thanks. Francesco