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    I realize that it's not functionality that everyone leverages, but for those of us who are fortunate to be able to use it... Chat hasn't been working the last couple of versions. I have all my IM connect info populated, but whenever I try to IM someone (any of the 4 protocols) I get a message saying that I'm not connected to the IM server. Has something changed?

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    i believe there is some compatibilty issue with the newest stable release and the chatter "classic" mode
    i haven't tried it yet, but other users appear to be in the same boat
    Marc seems to have his hands full with everything and doesn't have much time to troubleshoot the IM portion of the program. i've had some issues with previous versions and it seems like chatter is slowly moving away from the im functionality.
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    Yes, if you check out the release notes for the new version it states that IM is not currently working.

    From the notes: "IM functionality (for legacy users) does NOT exist in this version. It will probably return in a new beta."
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