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    I have the apps (including Adobe, etc.) that came with the phone, Splash Photo, Docs to Go, WWCalc (diet program) but it seems that when I try to move most of them to the card (512mb), I cannot because they have a lock icon next to them. Plain and simple, what apps can be moved to the card (and still function properly) or which ones can/should be deleted as unnecessary to free up internal memory? I am relatively new to the Treo and don't want to screw up a phone that is working fine.

    Thank you!

    P.S.: My wifes "A" sim card with similar apps installed seems less stable than my "G" sim card which is very stable - anyone have the same?
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    Where do you see the lock, in App Info? That shouldnt prevent you from using the app in the card. Many apps will work on the card, you just need to read the documentation that comes with the software to see. You can also move the app with a file manager (like FileZ) and try it. Remember to look for the app in the SD Card group (or whatever you named your card), as they wont be in the regular app groups anymore. There are a variety of launchers that can assist with this, although I personally avoid those type of programs for fear of instability. A pet peave of mine.

    You say A is less stable than G? Is should be the opposite. The key here is "similar" apps. There could be an app that makes the Treo with the Axalto SIM less stable. Almost everyone getting the Axalto SIM has reported more stability. Continued instability with an Axalto SIM and with no software at all indicates a bad Treo. It happens. You should get it replaced if you elimnate software as the cause of instability.
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