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    Since I've had this phone I've had a problem with 1 phantom text message. The text message indicator in the phone screen always appears with the number 1 next to it. Yet when I click on it I see no new text messages. This was annoying but I got used to it. Well now during an incoming text message my phone restarted and now I've got TWO text messages supposedly according to the indicator but again I can't see them.

    Is there anyway to clear this indicator like we can clear the voicemail indicator?

    Also I am unable to delete one of my saved text message conversations. Everytime I try the phone freezes. Deleting other conversations is without incident.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Corrupt sms database... I don't have a 650 yet so someone will tell you how to delete it. I doubt you'll be able to fix the problems without losing all the SMS in your phone.

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    Unfortunately, you have to delete the SMS Messages2 and Messages Database. You will fix problem, but lose your saved SMSs.

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