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    hi- sorry if this has been discussed to death before, but after searching i still need some help. is it normal for the out of the box unit (cingular) to have a soft call sound volume even when the the volume indicator is maxed out? i can hear the caller, but i need to make sure there is nothing noisy around, unlike other phones i've had. i've just gotten it, but i have no doubt that calls will be completely drowned out in a noisy environment.

    i've noticed some people bringing their units back to cingular with speaker problems. should i do this? also, if this is normal, are there any quick fixes? software? does using a bluetooth headset offset this issue?

    thanks for your help- i love the 650 and don't want to give it back.

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    Search on the term btMute, and that should yeild a good amount of information relating to low speaker volume on the 650, both using BlueTooth, or the built in ear piece. To summarize, yes, it's pretty normal to have poor volume. I've had some good luck using the Mute/Unmute approach and increasing volume even though I'm not using a BT device.
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    thank you for your help. the experience from all the users here has been invaluable.
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    bmute only works when you are using a bluetooth headset. If your call volume is really low, you may need to have it replaced.
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    hopefully, you wont end up doing what i had to...fed up with everyone criticizing hearing my voice chop up, i bought a second phone for ACTUAL TALKING and use the 650 for the myriad non-talking uses...welcome to the happy club! randy

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