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    Hi. Anyone know of a site where I can download movies/TV shows to play in Kinoma? I would gladly pay not to have to go through all of the ripping/conversion - just don't have time unless this is less time consuming than it sounds. I do not have MMPlayer but would be glad to get it if it works better. Also, if it matters, I'm using the Treo in conjunction with a Mac.
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    Kinoma has some demo clips at their web site. There was another site (probably linked at Kinoma) that has some trailers.
    Doen't expect to find whole shows or movies online in the Kinoma format. Besides not being legal getting the right size and format is unlikely.
    With the right apps it's not difficult to convert you own DVDs.
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    Kinoma Producer makes the process of converting DVDs, etc. easier on the Mac. There's a coupon for $5 off of Kinoma producer -- "treonaut5". Handbrake converts from DVDs to mpeg4, then Kinoma Producer converts the files to play in excellent quality on the Treo 650. You can also go with MacTheRipper, followed by a Dvision conversion, followed by a Kinoma Producer conversion. Yes, it can take a few steps to get there, but just let the apps run in the background.

    You can also get there without kinoma producer, but the quality is not as good IMO.
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    What settings are you using to get good quality on the T650?
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    What type of file do you convert the audio to (in Handbrake)? I just downloaded the ap and their site says it will do AAC, MP3 or Vorbis.

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