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    I am facing a problem...
    Actually I am storing some data on the module SRAM but
    if I remove the module from the visor I am losing all the saved data.Is there a way by which I can keep the data safe even if the module is removed.
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    It is not clear from your post if the data is there before you remove module, and then gone when you reinsert the module; if you are writing data, while in an application, directly to the module, and then finding it is not there at some later time; or if you are using the module's FileMover app, moving some data files to the module, removing the module (after the files have been transferred), and then discovering that the files are no longer on your Visor. If this last case applies to you, reinsert the module, and you should see those data files again - this is how the module is supposed to work.

    Also, make sure that you are running v1.1 of the Module's software (available on Handspring's web site - )
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    see neither of the three cases I am facing.Actually I am
    writing data directly to the module while in the application.But if I remove the module while I am still in the application or after I come out of the application, and then again reinsert the module the data which I have saved is lost.
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    Unless the application is specifically designed to write to data objects in flashRAM, you are going to have problems. I recommend that you move the data file(s) back to system memory, now run the app and edit the data file, exit the app, and move the file back to the Flash module. This is a real pain, but that is probably your only option until the app's author rewrites the app to support the Flash module.
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    Originally posted by shivad
    ...I am writing data directly to the module while in the application...
    Curious, which application(s) are you doing this with? Are the application(s) themselves on the module, or the Visor?

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