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    So my sister got a new Treo to replace one that was having all sorts of issues. Apparently she couldn't get in touch with me, so she just synched it with her PC to get up and running.

    Well it seems Chatter remains in the profile and it installed itself directly. The result is that she now has an install where it is constantly expiring and she can't get it to work at all.

    What I'm wondering is what the recommended solution is. Can she just download the latest updated version (she had 1.0), like 1.0.3, add the prc files to her synch, do a soft reset (turn off wireless, etc.), and then synch to replace the existing install? Does she have to actually kill the current install first by removing it or something?

    I don't actually have a Treo and have never used a Palm, so my understanding of the nuances of this is weak. Any advice is appreciated.

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    She should do the following:

    1) Reset the Treo with the stylus while holding the rocker-up key. Release it when the grey "PalmPowered" logo appears.

    2) Hotsync the three new files (from

    3) Enter Chatter, but CANCEL the dialog about "Service Connection Progress" (in other words, don't let it make the data connection)

    4) Enter the registration code.

    5) Use the "Reset Connections" menu button to kick-start Chatter.

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    Apparenly you already fixed the problem for her, so all is well. She said she emailed you and you emailed her back with a fix... gracias.

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