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    I have been having slight problems with my ear piece on the Treo 650. During call, I get popping/crackling sounds. I had sprint give me another phone and it still does it. I know it has to be the ear piece because when I use a hands free ear piece, the noise is not present. It always happens when I call *2. The sound occurs when its ringing, then sometimes when the automated voice is talking (when the voices pitch gets higher). Its less noticeable when you turn down the volume.

    Can someone please call *2 with their headset volume up and listen for any kind of crackling/popping noise?

    Thanks for any help. I just want to make sure that its a defect with just my phone and not every Treo. I would try this, but I don't have another 650. I have tried this with my 600, and the sound is crystal clear.
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    Gold finger, I do not have this problem. Just called customer solutions and cranked the earpiece vol to max and did not hear any cracking or popping. I have called many times to *2 and not noticed this issue. By any chance did you track the esn to see if you had two units from the same batch?

    Just for your info I do have the shadowmite sound patch in, I do not remember this issue before I installed the ROM patch though.
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    Thanks for you help, I am going to a Sprint Store tonight to switch it. They gave me a used one anyways, which sucks, but the screen has a little bubble in it. It looks like someone pressed the stylus on the screen too hard.
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    I have the same problem, I guess I should head over to the nearest sprint store also.

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