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    As a frustrated Treo 650 user / Cingular customer, I am very annoyed that Cingular disabled the dial up networking feature that comes with Bluetooth on the Treo 650.

    My question is twofold:

    1) I know that a Cingular locked Treo 650 has it's Bluetooth crippled where you cannot do dial up networking via Bluetooth (sucks for people who have the unlimited data plan!). My question is, does this mean that they also disabled the ability to programmatically open a sockets connection via Bluetooth, or cable to a computer?

    2) If it is possible to create a sockets connection to a computer, one would think it would be an easy matter to create an application that would act as a proxy from a browser running on a laptop, to the Treo which is connected to the web.

    Has anyone thought of this and tried something?

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    You can use DUN on the 650 by using a very good piece of third-party software called PDANet from It works either through a cable connected between the 650 and your PC or via bluetooth. I connected very successfully via bluetooth last night (using their trial version). Speed was more than acceptable. Full version of software costs around $32. It also takes up very little room on your 650. Try it.

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