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    I am trying to copy my music to my 1 gig card. I can only copy about 500 meg. What gives?
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    Have you always had this problem? Did it let you write more to the card in the past?

    Maybe it's a mislabled 512 card?
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    It's a 1 gig card for sure and it will not let me transfer the files to it. I am using a Lexar jumpdrive trio to transfer the files but I don't know if that's the problem.
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    Try the card info app to see what size the card is. If it is indeed 1GB, you may have to reformat it. A 1GB card will show as 968MB.
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    See if there are any updated drivers for the jumpdrive. I have an old card reader than won't recognize anything bigger than a 256MB SD card, because when the thing was made that was the biggest SD card reader available.
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    Card info reads 545.1 MB free of 968.4MB. So the Treo reads it correctly. I will focus on the Jumpdrive. THe jumpdrive deosn't require a driver so ... I will try to transfer some different files and see if I can get past the barrier.
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    It looks like a Lexar or file copying question. When I try to copy more files, I get a "Cannot Copy ... The dircectory cannot be created."
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    It could also be a corrupt card. I had a Sony Memory stick reader that would corrupt every stick I would put in there - I had to get a new one. I would try and copy off as much as you can and reformat the card and try again.
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    This is bizarre. When I copy my MP3's, I get the limit. If I copy other files, I don't. I think I have a bad MP3 files somewhere.
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    I'm having the exact same problem as you. I'm using a 1gb Sandisk Extreme III and transferring with a lexar trio. I'm trying to put a bunch of OGG files, and It won't let me copy past 389mb!

    Let me know if you figure anything out!
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    Hey Colorchange,

    I found that if I create a separate folder for my music and drag the files in there, it works perfectly fine. Now showing 930mb used out of 968. Give this a try and see if it works for you.
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    When it stops letting you copy files, delete a few of them, create a new directory, copy the deleted files into it. See if you can add more files to the NEW DIRECTORY. I have had cards stop allowing me to dump files in the "root" directory of the card...
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    Can you then move the files back to the root directory from the created subdirectory?
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    The memory cards normally use Microsoft's FAT16 (File Allocation Table) file system for storing files. FAT places a limit on the amount of file information that can be stored in the root directory -- it has room for 512 entries. (Subdirectories don't have a limit.) Each file stored in the directory takes up at least one entry. If it has an old-style "8.3"-character filename with no special characters (lowercase, spaces, etc.), then that's all it will take. However, longer file names use up additional entries to store the name (1 additional entry for every 13 add'l characters). So, a file named "This is Britney's greatest song ever and I listen to it thirty times a day and I don't care what anyone thinks.mp3" will take up 10 entries -- 1 for the basic file info, and 9 for the long name. (What a senseless waste ;-).) It wouldn't be unusual for files named after song titles to require 3 entries.

    I'd recommend storing all your music in a subfolder named "Audio", since that seems to be what many or most players recognize, and that's where the PalmOne tools put MP3s. Then you won't have this problem, and you could even organize the music in lower-level folders.

    Failing that, you could consider giving the files shorter names (8.3 format for maximum efficiency). There may be utilities that can make this easier. The player should still display complete info from the ID tags in the music files.
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    ldoron: You de man! Thanks. I new the 512 limit but didn't know the long file name issue. Thanks.

    Works like a champ!!!!!
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