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    Is it a known/deliberate feature that when I send a message including an attachement and have 'upload sent items to...' selected, the attachement is not uploaded to the sent items folder?

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    Yes, it's deliberate. Whether it's correct is another question, I suppose. I did this for performance reasons.

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    Time for another option??
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    I'd vote in favor of the option,..
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    I would like the option to upload the attachment, if possible, too.
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    Agree that attachment upload option would be a good feature to have.
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    Perhaps this could be on a "per-attachment" basis.... it might not be practical to upload ALL of the attachments that you mail out, but when you add them to your message, maybe there could be a checkbox that flags it to upload it to the server as well. Whether or not that checkbox is set by default could be an option.

    Just thinkin' out loud.....
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    jberman, that's a really good idea, I vote for that one. Give you the optimum flexibility.
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    Bringing this thread/feature back to life:

    Just thought I would add my thoughts here. I was trying to figure out why my attachments were not being put into the sent folder along with the email...I got the answer..but...I am all in favor of jbermans idea in post #7.

    It been awhile on this thread..any chance this has been added in a more recent version of cm?
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    It's not a trivial thing to do, but it is on my list. Just not a top priority at the moment.


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