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    I have had a Palm 71 for several years. I have just ordered a Treo 650. I plan to give the Palm 71 to my daughter and we use the same computer. I am now wondering if the OS software from each device can coexist on the same computer. Will I need to uninstall the Palm 71 software for my Treo 650 software to work properly? Can the Palm 71 synch using the Treo 650 software? Can the two Palm OSs coexist with or without setting up separate User IDs on the computer? Would appreciate a comment from anyone who has experience with this.
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    Yes, it should work. You'll want to/need to install the newer Palm Desktop and HotSync (v6) that work with the 650, but the Zire should continue to work. Being a Palm OS software developer, we use devices that go way back still on our systems that also use T5s and 650s.

    When you get the 650, try to keep the same hotsync user name you have now. It's quite simple to do and will not cross contaminate files from the zire. Simply run the Palm Desktop software (doesn't matter if you use Outlook or the Palm Desktop to sync with, the Palm Desktop has the tools you need to do the rename). Use the menu item "Tools->Users". Then select the name in the list that you want to move (the one assigned to the Zire). Rename the Zire to something else. Now when you hotsync the 650 for the first time, it will ask you to either pick an existing user name to sync with this device (which you won't do) or assign a new one. Since you renamed the Zire first, you now can assign the same hotsync name you had previously to the 650. Once you do that, start adding your old software to the 650. All the registration codes that you had previously that were based on hotsync user name should continue to work on the new device.

    (This can also be done after assinging a name to the new device by simply renaming both devices. In the case where the old device is going to be given away or never used again, you can simply use the "delete" feature of the "tools->Users" menu to remove that name from the list, making it available again).

    Once again, this rename method works without having to worry about any of the files from one device being added to the other. Keeping your same hotsync name saves you a lot of time in getting new registration codes, and keeps support time down for 3rd party software companies. It's just too bad PalmOne doesn't inform users on using their own tools to do this. They seem to take the easy way out (for them) and tell uses to create new unique names. Easy for support for them, but means you may have a lot of leg work in getting all your old software up and running on the new device. About the only time a rename can't really be done in these cases is if you work for some company that dictates the name you must give the device (why? Who knows why they do that...?) I've had the same hotsync name for the past 6 years over more than a dozen devices (sometimes nice to be a developer). I've never had to request a new registration code for my "new " devices except for the cases where registration codes are based on the device ID instead of hotsync name.

    Which leads to my last point. Choose your hotsync names wisely. One of the worst things you can do is pick a hotsync name that includes the name of the device in some way. Heck, you might just as well have gotten a tatto on your arm with your first high school sweethearts name. Unless you were lucky enough to eventually marry her, chances are you've moved on, and now that name will not be something you want to keep. So, don't pick names like "Toms T5", or "Treo 650" as hotsync names. The hotsync name sticks with YOU, not the device. You get a new device and chances are it's not the same as the one you had before, so you probalby won't want to keep using the hotsync name of "Joes Vx" when you are now using a Treo, which just leads to users wanting to "get new registration codes for my new hotsync name".

    (Sorry to be so "windy", but we spend a lot of time with users who upgrade devices and don't realize they can keep the same hotsync name.)

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