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    I am getting insanely frustrated with my low cingular edge speeds so I was wondering how I can find out where the nearest cingular tower is near my house. I am going to drive as close as I can to the tower to see how it does when the 650 is right under it.
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    i used to work for cingular and if you go to a store they can put your address into their system and it will pull up the zoomed in/detailed coverage map broken down into gsm/tdma/future.
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    Kind of an old site, so I'm not sure how current it is, but try here. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Was your market previously an AT&T market only? In areas where AT&T existed but CIngular did not, the network may not be quite as great. It is this way in Salt Lake City and coverage suffers for it.
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    Note: Antennas are designed to radiate out not down so closer is not necessarily better. Think of it as a outward facing cone or a toroid around the tower. there may be no signal at the base of the tower!

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