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    i bought the hybrid headset from dans_cellular off ebay. in the package a "safe guard" electromagnetic sheild and "cell antenna" reception booster were included. i love free stuff but i remember when the ads for these things were on tv years ago. even then i thought they were snake oil? they're bogus, right?
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    I used the reception booster just for kicks
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    Yes, useless.
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    Yes I got the same free stuff too, but I suppose Dan has case's to get rid of...
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    Mine went into the 'recycling bin'.
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    when i taped it to my head, i thought i would have gotten smarter...but instead i got dumber

    yeah those products are a pure matter what people say they have noticed
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    i was at best buy yesterday and saw the cell boost selling for $9.99. I wonder if anyone is buying them.
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