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    1can you actually completely turn off the treo?

    2is there a way, like on a regular cell phone, to change the vibrate mode to silent all, where it doesn't vibrate, i can do it on my treo, but I have to go into sound options and click phone, calendar,mms,sms, and change them all to vibrate off and then do it again to turn it back on, pain in the ****
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    1) The Treo is considered completely off if you turn off wireless by holding down the power button for a couple of seconds and then turn off the screen, by quickly tapping the power button.

    2)The way I do is is to set the vibrate off only under the "Sound Mode Off" setting for each of these items. Then when the switch on top is set to "Sound Mode Off", vibrate will be set to off.
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    Actually, it depends on what you mean by "completely off." You can turn the PHONE off by holding down the red power key. The Palm PDA part of the Treo is never off, unless you take out the battery (only on a 650, of course). That's true of all PalmOS devices--the power button only turns off the screen.

    For two, since you have a 600, check out Profiles.prc. It will let you create a profile that has all sounds and vibrates turned off, and let you select that profile easily whenever you want. And it's free!
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