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    Howdy all.

    Just had to share this little story with you:

    Last week I went to see this Van Halen tribute band called "The Atomic Punks" at the House of Blues (BTW, these guys ROCK and I highly recommend checking them out if they play in your area. It's like you close your eyes and BAM!, you're back in 1984!). Anyway, I'm watching all of these people taking their little 15 second videos with their "ordinary" cell phones and decide to whip out my T650. I point the camera at the stage and start recording. Because of the size and brightness of the screen, a couple of people around me lean over to check out what's goin' on with my Treo. I was amused with the looks of disbelief as I kept recording, and recording, and recording, and recording some more. After about 3 1/2 minutes, the guy next to me looks at my Treo and then mouths in disbelief "what the f**k?". He was so blown away that I could record practically a whole song that he "high fived" me! Man, I felt like John Holmes in a Chinese locker room.

    Anyway, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with my 650 for about the first two weeks I had it, but I'm starting to really enjoy and appreciate the upgrades from the 600. Keep some memory free, a full charge, and find the right Bluetooth headset (Sony HBH660 + Slicsound eargels), and you should enjoy your Treo as much as I do.

    I'm out!

    PS: Oh, and the camcorder works good for capturing those cute little moments with the baby, too!
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    The day after I bought my 650, I got video of my 6-year-old unexpectedly learning to ride a bike. That alone amortized much of the purchase price.

    Treo 650: the most useful pocket-sized device in the history of the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff DLB

    Treo 650: the most useful pocket-sized device in the history of the world.

    Posted using PalmOS Treo 650
    The most important invention ,since the sliced bread !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtreosexual
    The most important invention ,since the sliced bread !
    I'm not really a fan of bread myself.
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    okay ..
    Since milk or whatever for you........
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    Hmnnn... bread and milk (got some spread to go with the bread?).
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    Great story! I got some cute footage of my 2 year old daughter playing a toy piano at a Kaybee store to the beat of U2's Vertigo.
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