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    So here is my problem I use adobe acrobat palm OS software to view pdfs sent to my email. The problem is that the pdfs in my email are forwarded faxes from my virtual fax account and most of them are orders for my business entered into an order form that was made in a graphics program. Since Adobe Acrobat seems to be able to only convert pdfs to text for viewing on the Palm OS I cannot see any of pdfs generated from my virtual faxing service since they are handwritten and contain graphics. Does anybody know of PDF Software that can show you a true PDF on you palm OS that was downloaded from your email and not Hotsync'ed on to your palm??


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    Discussed many times in many threads. Not available. I assume it's an OS limitation that cannot be overcome, or someone would have done it by now. Many, many, many people seem to need, too......
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    Check this thread.

    Emailing to seems to be the best solution so far.
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    Okay... I found this... anybody try it??
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    Quote Originally Posted by pharaoh77
    Okay... I found this... anybody try it??
    PdfSnap 1.5 is a desktop application that captures and converts entire PDF documents, specific pages or page areas for viewing on Palm OS devices

    so, again no native pdf viewing on the Treo.
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    That's what I loved about my CLIE and Picsel Viewer ( Just load a real PDF onto your device and this thing on the fly converted it to display with different levels of zoom. Wish there was a way to get it on the Treo.
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    Using Win-Hand Anywhere, you can access your own PC, and then remotely view an emailed .pdf via Adobe Reader. It's not ideal, but does work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanM
    Check this thread.

    Emailing to seems to be the best solution so far.
    Has someone tried this yet from their phone and got it to work?
    1. receive email on phone with pdf file attached
    2. forward/send to above adobe email address
    3. receive email back on phone from adobe with html file/link (I believe it's an html file)
    4. open file and view in web browser on treo (zoom in if necessary/possible)

    I'd love to know.......anyone?
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    I used to use Repligo ( on my treo600, i havent used the new version but you can download a trial, and if you like it you can buy it for about 30 bucks.

    I was happy with the old repligo because is had two modes for viewing: optimized and wide mode (like Blazer).

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