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    My current cell contract is up in a month - this happens to also be the time of my birthday. So my GF has said she will buy me the Treo for my birthday (probably to shut me up from talking about it)

    My question is this - should we buy an unlocked treo or buy a branded treo?

    I know you can often get a price break if you sign up with a service plan - but I really do not like to sign a contract longer then a year and most of these make you sign up for 2 years from what I have heard. So I may shy away from that.

    Also it may just be easier for me to tell her to order the unlocked - as she can just buy the phone and then I can find my favorite service.

    If you were going to buy a Treo 650 in the next 6 weeks - what would you buy? Unlocked or go with a branded?
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    I say branded unless you NEED unlocked. You'll need the service anyway, and the cancellation fee is about the premium you'll be paying for an unlocked anyway. You will also get better support from a carrier than palmOne as far as exchanges go.
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    Right now my carrier is Verizon.

    I suppose if they suddenly come out with support for the Treo650 before my birthday I could possibly stick with them.

    But from what I understand Cingular offers the best service for the data functions. Unless I am mistaken.
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    Cingular is good, unless you need to talk to their CS and TS people. Treo 650 supports EDGE, and Cingular has it, but it does not support EVDO which Verizon has.

    As for branded vs. unlocked, if you don't want to be bound by a two years contract go for the unlocked, but easy on your GF's wallet The price differential is around $150-$200

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