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    Quote Originally Posted by JHromadka
    I enabled t-mobile email so I could use their smtp outbound server, but I check my imap and gmail servers all the time.
    What is the IP address of T-Mobile's smtp outbound server? I couldn't find it anywhere on their site!
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    Quote Originally Posted by odysseus
    You can't beat the price of T-Zones Is your 19.99 plan faster than T-Zones or basically just as slow?
    Same speed...pretty much.
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    I have 650 with internet, my wife has the 600 with 2.99 unlimited t-zones (gotta love the grandfathered plans). she uses email fine.. got the proxy setup for blazer, verichat works great except she cannot receive files with verichat. I just email it as an attachment in snapper instead.. one problem is auto updating in verichat.. it bypasses the blazer proxy, so I download the update and beam/send it to her. Also directory assistant does not use the proxy, so she has to just goto in blazer. but it is saving $17 a month.. so no complaints here. I did a side by side speed test in blazer, loading yahoo's wap site and navigating through it. The 650 on 19.99 was always faster, but I don't know if that is because of proxy, or software/hardware differences.
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