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    I don't know what's wrong with PDAapps, but the lastest premium version seems way too high. I've paid 20 for the standard version and I would say 25 a year for the Premium version would have been fine. I hope they listen.

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    did you see all of the new features, compare it to adding express
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    all the new junk is awesome!!!! I would definately do it. Plus they say if you are an existing registered user than you can upgrade...they haven't yet told me the expecting an email from them shortly....
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    I would pay if it were STABLE!
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    mines stable
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    where do get info on premium?

    i wonder how this affects who bought in on lifetime free upgrades?
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    Mine doesn't keep a connection.... my causerie keeps the connection... unfortunately it causes my treo to reset... I would pay for ti if it kept the connection better.
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    stable here so far
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    just got the email...
    15 bucks to upgrade to pro...
    It allows you to have multiple screen names in the same chat client...
    It comes with packaged information BOTs
    And you can create an app button to take you to dialog from a previous BOT chat
    I did it....I will keep you all updated...
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    how does this effect users who have licenses that never expire because they got in back in the "hay days". I like the new premium features but not at the exspense of paying for it every year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    did you see all of the new features, compare it to adding express
    I have never used this program. Is it as good and fast as Express?

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    No stabilitly problem here.

    Yes, it is expensive, but it really is an excellent porgram. After taking a test drive w/ some of the other programs, most don't compare (poss. exception Causerie).

    The jury isstill out on "pro" though
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    My $0.02... $35 is too expensive for any Palm or PPC app. For the same price you can buy a host of much better developed and capable software for pc's. Having said that however, if you want it, what are your going to do? Guess I would bend over and take it if IM'ing were that important to me on my phone.
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    are any of you that are using verichat using Cingular? and if so do you get disconnected from verichat after a while? if not how is your setup? i have a data connection but it doesn't stay logged in for a long period of time... would be nice.
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    I love VeriChat for IM. I have played with the new Premium services today. I don't think it is worth the extra money. The interface is not nearly as slick as Handmark Express, though it does not take up near the memory either. I dropped Express after the free trial period and I probably will drop the VeriChat Premium when the time comes. Most of the info is available via Blazer if you know where to find it on the internet.
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    see according to this i already have premium...didnt know im assuming if you have bots you have premium
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    too much money. $25 is my limit.
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    Plus an annual renewal, what a rip.
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    It does seem expensive, aim already has a AOL Buddy which can grab information, some of what verichat premium does. All you have to do it add this bot to your buddy list. It was designed for cell phones, but if you don't want to shell out more money, you can try this. Here is the link
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    Does this version let you receive IMs from people not on your buddy list? Or at least get the notification to add them to your buddy list when they send you an IM. I need an IM program that lets me do this. In previous versions of someone not on your list sent you an IM you would never receive it and the sender would never receive a failure.
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