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    get a room already you two!
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    Hey I don't ask for him to show me love. He just does it on his own .
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    Funniest thing I have heard all day... Thanks for the laugh guys!

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    quit hijacking the threads u too!
    da Gimp

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    I just sent another email to Sprint, but I think I missed out on the offer. I sent the first email on the 18 of Feb, I never got a rely, so I resent the email, then they said they would look into it. That was on the 25th, I still have not heard anything, so I just sent another email and told them that the terms were different when I tried to sign up. I don't think I will get anything, but it's worth a try.
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    I got a certificate back when it was originally offered. When I went to use it, however, it was invalid. I e-mailed promo support, and they said to try again, but when I did, it only offered me 10% off of each application!?!?!?

    So I e-mailed them again, and they said open a support request on the website. Every time I tried to submit the completed webform, however, I got a server error.

    So I e-mailed them again, and they said they would try and submit a support request for me...but now I have heard nothing further...
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    My associate purchased a 650 just prior to the gift certificate fiasco and he called sprint concerning his qualifications for the promortion (he is a business customer). They only offered him a $35.00 credit on his bill, but could not help him with the support request as they could not submit one themselves (probably means that it is a bogus link to discourage anyone from going any further). his gift certifivate number does not even work, let alone give him ten percent off each application. You should at least ask for the credit for your trouble.
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    I was able to get the Support Request form to submit but had to enter it twice (don't hit the Escape key as it blanks out everything!) and even got a reply albeit an automated one acknowledging their receipt of the form and get this it will take 3 business days for a response just like the certificate people.

    Oh and something interesting in the email from them was a link to sign up with AMEX and get $30 off Handango. But when I followed the link it said nothing about the $30. I Google'd Amex and Handango and $30 and found a link with the $30 but it expired Dec. 31, 2004.

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    I have not received any reply other than the automated one so I took nicegoogly's advice above to just call them and see what I could get from them.

    The first Sprint rep took a look at the site and echoed what I had heard before about being out of date activation-wise. I asked to speak to her supervisor.

    The supervisor was willing to offer me $25. I persevered though in that I had them dead to rights as did a number of others on this board and I suggested he meet me halfway at $50 which he accepted!

    So I now have a $50 credit on my Sprint account (not the Handango/Sprint but my regular Sprint PCS line account)...not too shabby - thanks nicegoogly.

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    Good, I'm glad you got something out of it. When I had trouble collecting my 150 dollar rebates, they put a 35 credit on my account without even asking. I am glad you pushed them to the 50 dollars. I already got my gift certificate during the first couple of days, but I have a business account anyway so they, more likely than not, would not have been able to screw me. Changing the terms is very lame, but from what I understand, many of those with business accounts who are eligible for the promotion as it is are not getting their gift certificates. Customer Service is very strange, sometimes they will give a 600 dollar phone for free for no particular reason than to shut you up, and give you nothing when you show them you have had a history of being a loyal customer and purchasing 600 dollar phones.
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    Also, knowing Sprint to be the fools that they are with customer service, chances are they will get around to your automated request and not realize you have the 50 dollar credit. I hope it works out for you. And before I get flamed for promoting texascanuck to get something extra through a loophole, the credits your receive from sprint are for the trouble they put your through, it is a courtesy credit.
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