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    So yeah I'm getting a big SD card...and now I want to use it to watch videos on my Treo 650. I will be using MMPlayer as I have .avi's and ogms I plan on watching (Family Guy, Futurama, Spongebob Squarepants)

    So yeah short of trying out multiple settings (which is alot), for people who use this app, what is the best set of settings to have for the output file

    Thanks guys
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    I went on the low side. 0 for one of the settings and 1 or 2 for the other setting (sound and video). I remember the sound was 32mbs or something like that.

    I also of course resize to 160x120 too for treo 600
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    if u search mmplayer site encoding forum... I posted PDE settings for 600 long ago. plus there is a great 600 skin tke98 made for me in skins forum there.
    I wonder what settings people r using for 650. ?
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    I've used 3 for both audio and video. I see no difference from using +50 values - except for the smaller file size. I will try 1 next time.
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