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    Ok it's been 24 hours so far and I gotta say I was affraid to buy one...

    My 600 worked GREAT, I never had a problem with it (untill I droped it 15 feet last week). I read all of the "problems" that people were having and I was concerned...

    The concern is OVER-STATED! The Only problems I had were a bad sync with Microsoft Look-Out (Outlook) and that was resolved by adding Pocket MirrorXT, the sad loss of the two week view from my calender (fixed by adding DateBook5). A total inability to get Versa-Mail to work with my server (Just loaded my good old SnapperMail).

    Act for Palm seems to work fine, but I never allow it to sync with ACT on the desk-top. (there are reported problems with the Sync and Act for Palm).

    The only bad thing is that ACT for Palm re-assigned my hard button presses to ACT screens. It also re-assigned the phone button to ACT and I don't have a way to re-assign the Phone Button in Palm's Preferences... So I'll go hunting for an app to fix that now...

    Otherwise, the screen is AWSOME, the sound quality is better than the 600, Bluetooth headset works great, the MyBible program from Laridian now ROCKS with the improved screen and I'd say I'm quite happy!

    Now when can I sleep... Let me check my palm calender...

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    Congrats on getting a T650 that works well for you. Stay away from a lot of freeware stuff, and don't overload your Treo 650 with unnecessary apps. These constrict the already constricted T650 memory, and cause unnecessary lockups, resets, and strange unexplained behavior.
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    I found an answer to my ACT phone button problem...

    The Treo PhoneView did the trick!


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