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    OK, i have decided to buy the scala 500 and the jabra a210 for my treo 600.

    my next questions is with the jabra a210 what else can i do with it. i am sure there are other cool things that can be done besides have a wireless headset. so if anybody is willing to share those ideas. I am willing to listen
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    Wireless headset is all you can do with it. That said, it makes for exceptional wireless headset which allows you to take calls, listen to pTunes (mono-only) and listen to audio books ( This ia all doable with the "Freedom" app from Toysoft. Also, if you utilize CallFilter from Velocity Software you can get audible caller ID on your bluetooth headset.
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    Thanks for the Freedom and Callfilter tips. that should prove helpful

    i thought the answer might be that it is for headsets only, just wasnt sure if and how creative our treocentral members have been.

    Again thanks
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    You can also use it on any cordless phone at home that has a 2.5mm jack for a headset. That way, you can roam around the house a bit talking on your landline.

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