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    OK quick Install
    OK Media
    Outlook Calendar
    OLERR:03-0024 (0x8000ffff)
    OLERR:03-0006 (0x0004004)
    -Recovery Sync
    Outlook Calendar Synchronization failed

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    See this.
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    Good luck Granth! I had the same problem this past week. I tried everything, including buying the Chapura PocketMirror conduit suggested on the website MarkEagle linked. Nothing worked....except two hard resets. No one was able to tell me why this happened all of a sudden. People suggested several ideas, including syncing with the phone off, turning off the enable time mode in preferences, uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook and Palm Desktop, deleting all reoccuring events, deleting all linked events, running "outlook.exe /resetfolders" from run, running "fixmapi" from run, updating the Palm conduit from the PalmOne website. I honestly did all of these and probably more, but nothing worked. So I took a deep breath and hard reset. I was then able to sync, but ALL my Outlook data was doublicated, then my Palm went into a continuous reset loop because I ran out of memory on the Palm. So I manually undeleted the doublicates in Outlook (I could not get Undupe to work -- useless program IMHO), and hard reset again and sync'd again. It's been three days, and I'm still OK...for now. Sorry I can't be of more encouraging help. It was a pain! This was my first negative experience with the Treo. It has, for the most part, worked extremely well. Hope you find the solution.
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    I don't know why that happens (I used to see it fairly frequently, but now not at all) but it was usually enough for me to actually go look at my calendar in Outlook, then re-sync. For some reason, that got things unjammed enough to complete a clean sync.

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