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    Just came across this on freewarepalm. Installed it, did a soft reset, shut off my phone and performed a backup to card which seemed to work. Don't know if I'm brave enough to perform a full restore yet though. Looks pretty nice, creates separate backups automatically.
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    same here. did a back up but am afraid to restore.
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    I was tempted to install it last night, but am a little suspicious because there is no developer web site and nothing but a prc in the distribution...not even a README. I think I'll pass until it's been around a while and some of you more adventurous types test it for me
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    [Anyone try a restore with this yet?]

    Well, you get what you pay for.

    I tried doing a restore and it didn't quite work - it got stuck trying to restore IBM Java microsphere and claimed it needed to do a reset to complete the install - reset and it kept getting stuck (wash, rinse, repeat...) without completing any of the restoration

    I think this s/w would be fine if you don't have java installed. BackupBuddyVFS has problems restoring Jave, but is able to work past it and deliver a restore w/out Java.

    Another drawback is that you can't schedule a backup - my 3am BBVFS backups have come in handy.
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