View Poll Results: What do you use your Treo 650 for most?

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  • Phone

    51 60.71%
  • Streaming radio

    7 8.33%
  • Web Browsing

    27 32.14%
  • E-mail

    35 41.67%
  • SMS

    22 26.19%
  • PDA

    53 63.10%
  • Games

    12 14.29%
  • Pictures/Video

    17 20.24%
  • Music

    18 21.43%
  • Other - Please post

    3 3.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I probably use mine mostly for Online radio streaming. The faster processor in the T650 helps my streams come in much clearer than before with less skips for buffering.

    How about you? What do you use your Treo 650 for most? Feel free to select multiple answers.
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    primarily it splits its time between phone/pda

    with a little web and a little im'ing

    and very occasionally as a mp3 player
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    fairly balanced poll sofar - we should take this as a testament to the 650's many abilities ... :-)
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    I use it most for posting on TCentral!
    and it all started with a SHARP Wizard
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    Too small for porn. I use the 50 inch plasma for that. LOL
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    I use it as a regular PDA. I was waiting for P1 or hell even Sony at the time to bring out a PDA with a thumb board and OS6 to replace my now 3 year old treo 90. But when Sony pulled out of the US market and Palmsource playing games with the new OS, I just jumped on the 650.
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    also web & posting on T.C.!
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    My Sprint Treo 650 is used for :
    - text messaging most
    - heavy AOL IM use
    - phone calls
    - pda functions
    - multimedia
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    sms. a keyboard beats the crap out of a numeric keypad.

    phone. duh.

    after these two prolly the pda features ie MP3 alarm/calendar/notes

    next would be photos and i haven't tried DVDs yet, but will

    i also do some web browsing and DUN on the road
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    I use it mostly for e-mail and web browsing...and an occasional game

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