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    I'm getting a "The Message center or email center number is invalid"

    This is the 1st this has happened to me...anyway, if I go into the pref. for sms I can select Automatic or manual. As far as I know it's always been automatic. If I select manual I can edit the options and my "message center number" is blank, my "email center number" shows 121.

    Anyway, my ?'s are as follows:

    Is this a network issue or a phone issue?

    Anyone know why this happened out of nowhere?

    Do I infact need to call Cingular to get my "message center number" and change my pref. to manual?

    Anyone that can shed some light on this, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    update: seems I can receive txt fine, obviously still can't send them tho
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    Text Messaging e-Mail Domain is Changing - All Markets
    Please note that in accordance with the re-branding initiatives, the legacy e-mail domain for blue text messaging will be disconnected on 4/24/2005.
    (Tue, March 01, 2005)
    Issue/Volume number:

    Currently the domain address is “” and will change to “”. Customers may begin using the new address configuration immediately.

    Both addresses will run in parallel until 4/24/2005 until we are not allowed to use the ATT name. After 4/24 only the domain will work. This change only affects those sending e-mail messages to a blue wireless phone from an e-mail client or application.

    Customers that are active recipients of email messages to their handsets will be notified of this change over the next several weeks via a text message to their handset.

    Related Links

    For more information contact: Jeff Bouma
    not sure that this applies, but thought i'd post it anyhoo.

    also know that it could be a network issue in your area. it doesn't make sense that you can receive, but not send sms, or vice versa. give it a little time.
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