I upgraded from a Treo 600 to a 650 recently. I actually thought I had uninstalled everything from the Treo 600, but apparently it didn't delete the Outlook note folder objects that are used for syncing purposes so now I have a whole bunch of them. I'm wondering which I need and which I can throw away, and just trying to get a handle on what they are for. Here's a list:

"Handheld Synchronization" under which is an "Archives" note folder, under which is a Calendar folder.

"PocketMirror" under which is an "Archives" and "Conflicts" note folders under each of which are Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Task objects

There's also a "Sync Issues" Email folder (I think it's an email folder anyway), under which there are "Conflict," "Local Failures," and "Server Failures" email folders.

are all of these notes folders and email folders necessary?