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    It's March already... shouldn't these puppies be in stock by now?

    I'd rather have these now then a stupid cradle.

    everybody sing!
    Cradle, cradle, cradle
    I wait for you all day
    Cradle, cradle, cradle
    "One more week" Palm say!

    Hmmmm... obviously, I'm getting a little punchy.
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    I have the Innopocket case for the 650already. I think you have to go directly through Innopocket to get them
    Henry L lazarus
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    Had my Innopocket over a month now...always order directly from Innopocket....
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    {EDIT} Nevermind, I finally found your old post that answers all these questions.

    Ah! Cool, I'll check that out.

    How do you like the case?

    The Inno is the one that covers the keyboard when closed, right? When you open it, how far around to the back does the door swing? I'd imagine that unless it went most of the way (270 degrees at least, preferably 315), it would get in the way of two-handed keyboarding. Is it a problem for you? That's the main reason I'd go with the PacRim over the Inno.

    But who am I kidding... I'm such a case ***** I'll probably get them both.

    ...use the Pac for day-to-day and the Inno for extra protection when I need it. Sort of like different strength maxi pads. (WTF??? I didn't just go there, did I??? )
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