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    Well I got my BT-338 / TomTom Nav 2004 bundle today, and I'm absolutely floored over how well it works. (both hardware and software) I thought I knew what to expect from the pictures of the BT-338 online, but I actually laughed out loud when I opened the box. This thing is *tiny*. The reception is fantastic. I had a 5-sat hookup in about 8 seconds from my basement. As for the software, the finger-driven interface is outstanding. I went through the manual during the installation, but once it was up and running, everything was self explanatory. (Not to mention the interface is far sexier than the other Palm GPS apps I've seen.) This is a great combo. Me happy.

    edit - I wanted to post this picture of the 338 next to the 650, and the cute little belp loop case it comes with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MileHighTreo
    From the pictures of the GlobalSat on Semsons and the pictures of the TomTom GPS on their website, they don't look to be the same unit. Unless the photo is just taken at such an angle as to make the GlobalSat appear much thinner. But if the TomTom unit is indeed manufactured for them by GlobalSat why wouldn't GlobalSat want the thinner form factor for their units?
    Inquiring minds want to know whats up.
    While I can't vouch for the info... GPSPassion has indicated that the new TomTom GPS receiver is made by GlobalSat. See While the TomTom will be thinner, I believe it will also be longer. So, there really isn't much of a size difference since the GlobalSat is pretty darn tiny, as is the new TomTom GPS receiver. Once TomTom Navigator 5 is out there, Globalsat will probably sell more bluetooth GPS if it is indeeed making them for TomTom (exclusivity means guaranteed sales), then it will from its own brand, which must compete with other manufacturers.
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    A few questions.

    The SiRF Star III chipset does not support WAAS. Why is this? Is it because WAAS is a North American implementation? Are there any significant drawbacks to this exclusion?

    From a purely ergonomic perspective...say if you were walking around downtown Manhattan...Is the TomTom/Globalsat BT-338 combo practical? Especially in situations where you may be turning off your Treo repeatedly? Is it better to just leave the Treo on? I would think there would be battery life considerations on the Treo. When I hike, canoe or Geocach w/ a conventional GPS unit, I don't always hold it in my hand. I may clip it to my belt and reference it only occasionally, but it stays on for the duration, which can be greater than 8 hours at a time. I'm just trying to get a grasp of the usability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smartphone
    Anyone know if the version 5 will continue to navigate on the screen while on a call. This would be a deal killer as I'd like to still be on calls while driving but get visual cues for driving directions.
    anyone know the answer to this?
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    I am interested in purchasing the globalsat. What is the general consensus, tomtom or mapopolis or ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by heyknee2
    I am interested in purchasing the globalsat. What is the general consensus, tomtom or mapopolis or ?
    Tom Tom (3D visual rendering and voice guided directions) works great and a new release (software and maps) is due mid-May. See
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    Thanks Katway. I assume I can just purchase the maps, and not a bundle?
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    Quote Originally Posted by melbo
    When a call comes through, navigator turns off. As soon as you end the call, navigator turns on with the route still in tact. Antenna can be charged via cigarette adapter (which is included) but the battery life is over 10 hours for the antenna. Plus it has a 10 minute auto turn off. Which is nice if you leave the car for a bit and come back, you wont have to worry about turning the atenna off. The only drawback (which in minor) is that when the unit is connected, two LED lights blink on the antenna.
    Just wondering if you can use a bluetooth headset with the bluetooth GPS receiver?

    Also on TomTom's web site for the software upgrade, to work better with the Treo650, it states: * TomTom Navigator on the Treo 650: The Phone feature of the Treo 650 must be switchced off while using TomTom Navigator. If a call is taken or made while TomTom Navigator is in use you will have to restart it and replan the route. ???
    Found the answer to this hear:
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    The Global Sta receiver has a beefy 1700 mAH battery. I doubt the TomTom version last as long. It looks better though. I probably will wait one more week and then I will order the Global Sta package.

    edit: Oh the TomTom one has a 1200mAH battery for 10 hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heyknee2
    I am interested in purchasing the globalsat. What is the general consensus, tomtom or mapopolis or ?
    I bought a Mapopolis + i.Trek BT GPS bundle back in December, and had a mixed reaction to it. The Mapopolis software seemed a bit clunky and slow to operate, but it did get the job done. Worse, though, the i.Trek GPS seemed real flakey. It would periodically lose connection with the 650, occasionally had TTFF ("time to first fix") boot up times in multiple minutes, and definitely had to be rebooted occasionally (by pulling the battery and putting it back in) to get it to talk reliably to the 650. I've used many other GPS products, so know they can be cranky some times, but still thought I must have a defective unit such that I actually requested an RMA from the seller (Semsons).

    Once I learned certain rules (the order units had to be powered on, wait for the GPS to get a fix before communicating with it, don't let the BT connection ever drop, etc), I decided it must just be the nature of the beast for BT on the 650, and kept the unit. The combo worked, but I would put it more in the "neat proof of concept" category than a productive tool.

    A couple weeks ago I lost my i.Trek, so decided to replace it with a BT 338 unit, and figured I'd use the opportunity to get a Tomtom bundle from Semsons. What a difference!! Not only is the BT 338 much more reliable and quick, with none of the flakiness of the i.Trek, Tomtom is so much more professional than Mapopolis. Mapopolis is a capable program , but Tomtom makes your 650 seem like a high end dedicated consumer electronics GPS map device. Very slick and speedy. It definitely is a productive tool.
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