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    Quote Originally Posted by donric609
    has anyone noticed that once you delete the bots they come back when you relaunch
    I also deleted a bot, but it didn't come back after relaunch. I wanted it to come back. Finally I found, that under Preference menu, there is a Buddy List View. In Buddy List View, click Reset Bots List and Apply. The bot is back. Also, this option lets you cluster Bots at the bottom of buddy list.
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    Clustering the bots is so huge. It was such a pain in the **** to have them all floating around with my buddies.
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    I've also been having resets with 2.75b on my 650. I ended up turning off the Always on /SMS feature which seems to have stabilized my Treo.
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    Mine seems stable. No more crashes than I had before the upgrade.
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    2.75b is stable for me, just as the previous version was. No resets at all.
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    I'm on the road in San Diego right now and I installed this Tuesday I think.... The upgrade went fine but I noticed that I missed a few messages that people had sent me. When I looked at my phone it had that little flashing thingy at the top left but I never heard or felt the alert. So I had one of my friends message me and when he did I got no audio or vibrate alert like I always have. I checked the settings and it was in fact turned on. I did a reset and went on with rest of the day. When I got to our hotel I had 5 messages waiting and did another test and sure enough no audio or vibrate alert.

    Needless to say I copied the verichat from my backup SD card back to my phone. Once I did this my alert sounds started to work again. So for me this new version broke my sounds. And honstely I really did not like all that bot stuff taking up my screen, I deleted all but two of them.
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    I did install it. It is hefty, and larger than earlier versions I've used.

    Has anyone gotten it to work (either in foreground or background) running from the SD card?

    Bill Petro
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