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    I just purchased a Treo 650 and want to keep my iQue 3600 for GPS use.

    Can I install their respective Palm Desktops under different Windows XP User Logins on the same PC?

    I understand I can't do it under the same login but what about creating a different XP user account for one of them?

    I really need to figure this out.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    You can't have two palm desktops side by side. Your software conflict will drive you crazy. What I did was remove the iQue3600 first, installed the T650 then added the iQue for hotsync. Then I reinstalled MapSource.

    Since I returned my Treo 650 I still have its desktop and I synch the IQue3600 throught it.
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    You haven't had any conflicts syncing the iQue with the 650's desktop?

    Garmin insists that it isn't compatible.
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    I am very interested in how this pans out. Personally, I would think having the software under a different user account would work, but.........I am a mac user, and we can definitely install it under different user accounts if we want. Also, under the mac, the Garmin issue is moot, as we have to install the garmin software under VPC. Personally, if I was doing this under XP (which I also happen to have on my pc) I would do it the same way Tony mentioned. My *guess* is that Garmin is talking about the "install maps" function within the palm desktop software, that Garmin puts out. If I am not mistaken, you should be able to install maps (sync) directly from Mapsource, as this DOES have that function. Treo Palm desktop is suggested to have different tweaks, from the standard desktop. I have the feeling all the palm functions would sync just fine with the treo software. (with the exception as I said, the obvious install maps function). Please report on your progress. Also, if you would, please post your experience on the in the garmin section. I know a lot of folks over there would be MOST interested!

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