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    Hello There,
    does anyone know a complete list of the powerlight flashing codes?

    Actually my Treo650 is flashing a greenligh every 3rd of a second. This is unusual. It does not turn to red or solid green when plugged to the charger.
    Does anyone know anything about it?
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    The fast green light means you have voicemail.
    The flashing amber means its looking for the network after you've pressed the phone on button.
    The flashing green means the phone radio is on.
    Have you checked to see if the phone is actually charging when it's connected to the charger? I have a sync 'n charge cable that stopped charging and no solid green/red light shows when it's connected. The lights are fine when I charge with the AC charger that came with the 650.
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    Nope! I have no new voicemail messages, and the greenlight is still flashing fast.
    Yes, the phone is actually charging (the little lightening on the battery signs turns from amber - charging - to green - charged!)
    Thank you anyhow!

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