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    I just got my Cingular 650 last week and put chatter on it yesterday. Today I wake up and start up chatter (last night I shut it down using Menu-Q). It does a soft reset right away. I checked with Crash Pro and it just says "Soft Reset." It doesn't say Chatter caused it (although it was chatter that reset the phone). The interesting thing was when it was re-starting a screen popped up for about half a second. I couldn't read what it said, but I know it said something like "New Chatter Version" or something like that (maybe I'm just losing my mind ). Anyways, it was a rectangular window and only stayed for less then a second. Have not been able to re-produce the error since this morning though.

    I'm running 1.0.2.
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    Hi. 1.0.3 will be available later today. I'd suggest upgrading to it.

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    Thanks Marc,

    Any idea on if 1.0.3 will be available soon or later tonight? I don't mean to be a pain, but I'll be leaving town in about 3 hours and won't be back for a few days. Would 1.0.3RC1 be ok or are there still some bugs with that one?
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    It's on the site now... RC1 is fine.


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