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    Hello there, fellow Treo 650 users. How many cases/holsters do you have (so far ) for your phone (list them), which one do you like/use the most, and why?
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    1 Side Case Simple and get's the job done
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    I had the side case for the Treo 600 but was seduced by the FlexiSkin. My hope was to be able to put my "skinned" 650 in the side case. I can do it but it makes life difficult if you want to get it out of the case quickly without taking the entire case off your belt..........

    I would be interested in hearing if anyone has a side case that works seamlessly with a FlexiSkinned 650....
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    I just have the PalmOne case. I wanted a car charger, and CompUSA didn't have any. However they had the Treo 650 Essentials Kit, which included the charger, case and extra headset. Since I paid for it, I may as well use it. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    2 1/2 right now, but adding my 3.5th as soon as my Vaja T66 arrives from Argentina!

    Case #.5 - Treo 600 sleeve from my Treo 600
    Case #1 - No name "Large Universal" Cell Phone case from Target
    Case #1.5 - Treo 600 Innopocket Aluminum case, dremeled for Treo 650 use
    Case #2.5 - Treo 650 Innopocket Aluminum case

    Case #3.5 - Vaja T66, solid Caterina Black, no clip/personalization
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    Here's what I have:
    1. Covertec horizontal case (using this with an e-gripped 650)
    2. Innopocket metal case for 650
    3. Krusell classic case for the 650
    4. A black pouch for 600/650 that I got from ebay with magnetic flap and rotating clip
    Waiting for the following to arrive:
    5. Vaja T66 (without clip)
    6. Flexi-skin
    Sigh, the search for the perfect case favorite now is #1...maybe until the Vaja comes along. I usually don't use a belt clip but find it convenient to have it from time to time.
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    Gadget: Rogers Treo 680 (unlocked) GSM
    Cases: Still deciding
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    Currently, black magnet-flip Sena case. I'm thinking of getting the same again, only black with blue stripes.
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    My current fave is the form fit case from PalmOne. Also have the boxwave skin, sena flip, handspring neoprene, and the PalmOne pouch case.
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    So, can the FlexiSkin case fit inside a belt clip case similar to the PalmOne sidecase? I know that the FS can come with a belt clip, but I don't think it looks as "professional" as the black leather cases......however, now that I have the FS, I don't want to take it off (I already dropped the 650 and cracked the plastic next to the screen )
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    treo t65 and a side case from palm
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    Krussel horizontec. I like it alot. I probably will put a skin case on also. I am pretty sure it will fit in the case.

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    Palmone horizontal pouch case
    New Mobo case on order.
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    Vaja ivolution T65, no belt clip. I love it.
    Boxwave flexiskin. Only got it to use temporarily until my Vaja arived. Fleixiskin rocks as a 2nd choice to the Vaja.

    Also had a vaja ivolution for my Treo 600.
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    Black leather DLO case for the iPod. I couldn't find anyone who would part with their old original 600 slipcase. I'm a pocket person - don't like belt clips. The DLO case has a belt clip but is not as large as most others. It is not perfect, but it is the best solution I have found for me. $25 at Best Buy. Another solution is a generic case at Brookstone - $15.
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    1. rhino skin hard case (for t600) for when my 2 year old wants to listen to ptunes
    2. sprint t600 leather case
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    1. Pink Skin case (which I like the best of all of my cases, i.e. my 600 cases). I love it because it doesn't get in the way, it protects while being lightweight. Everyone loves the color, kinda makes it more fun and personal to me. I'm a stay-at-home Mom so I don"t have be concerned about looking Professional.

    2. A black leather form fitting one from Dan's Cellular. It's nice and very functional but I opted for something more feminine and light.
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