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    Strange problem with gmail. It seems when I attach a photo and send it with Versamail through my gmail account the attachment is stripped off? At first I thought it was the Maximum message size in the Delivery Options.. but it still seems to be doing it.

    What could it be?

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    I think it's Versamail's fault. I use Snappermail now and have no problem sending attachments via gmail. (although I do get a copy of every message I send...strange)
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    I was unable to access gmail using blazer. I have never had a problem such as this, although gmail is not accesible via the opera browser.

    Anyone else with a problem accessing gmail via the blazer browser or Versamail?
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    Gmail is NOT accessable with the Blazer browser because it requires ActiveX. One solution created by a member of
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    Same system - different address:

    NOTE: No logs are kept on this domain name- so use with no worries.

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