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    Anyone found a solution yet? Versamail works fairly well in Activesync mode with mail and changes to your calendar made on the server


    it still will not reliably upload changes you make on your Treo to your server. It worked for a few days after I reset the fetch window to only 3 days, but on day 2 it stopped uploading any changes I made.

    THAT MAKES IT WORTHLESS, because you can't Activesync email only, and you can't physically synch the calendar if you're using email Activesync. What gives?
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    Is it possible for me to Sync the Versa mail while doing the Hot Sync. Currently I am able to sync Versamail only through wireless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brnz
    I have found a partial solution to a couple of my problems. I purchased 'InBox To Go' as an upgrade for about $30 which gives me my Inbox on my PDA. I could have spent more on Intellisync but I don't need the extra functionality. When replying to an email, synced from my PC, I copy it to Versamail and send the reply from there. I have Versamail set to always BCC myself and to not download emails to the PDA which were sent by myself. I have Outlook configured to automatically move email from my Inbox to the Sent folder if the email is from myself. I now have my Inbox on my PDA and my Sent email in Outlook. I also enabled Versamail OutBox synchronisation via my PC since this also works using the above system.
    This seems like the best solution. I have not used intellisync, because at the moment, I'm not concerned about syncing my inbox. My more immediate concern was having a copy of e-mails I send from my Treo show up in my "sent" folder on my desktop. I set the Treo up to BCC my work e-mail address, and set it to show as from "My name (from Palm)". Then I set up a rule in Outlook so that all mail received from "My name (from Palm)" is automatically moved to my inbox. I set the Treo to ignore messages on my pop server that are from my e-mail address.

    I only get e-mails on my Treo when Outlook is shut down at the office. Versamail leaves the e-mails sent to the Treo on my mail server, so that when I get back to the office, the e-mails I read while away show up in my inbox, and those sent while away go to my sent folder (marked "from Palm" for easy reference).

    Thanks for the advice. This forum is awsome!
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