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    I have installed nexchange on my treo600 and when I sync, it says connecting to Exchange at the top of the program and it just sits there and does nothing else. I have no problem using OWA from any computer, and OMA from any phone in our organization. I don't know what I am doing wrong, I setup according to the instructions. Please Help! I am the IT administrator for our company and I am sure that access to the Exchange server is not a problem. Could this be a certificate issue? I only allow SSL access to the server. Please help, if I can sucessfully test this program it will be of great use to our company, we have serveral users that need it.
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    1. Corporate Lite?
    2. Will Email Sync Public Folders?

    tap, tap, tappity tap
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    Any update on the status of this?
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    dtdionne, Your unquenchable enthuiasm has won me over. I bought your service yesterday. I am very much looking forward to experiencing this products development. I too am most interested in the email portion. Can you give us an updated ETA?


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    Quote Originally Posted by pbtxit
    I have installed nexchange on my treo600 and when I sync, it says connecting to Exchange at the top of the program and it just sits there and does nothing else. .

    I have a treo 650, and am having the Exact same problem. i have two different exchange servers with working ex2003 OWA.

    Activesync also works just fine!
    using 1.40a

    Help would be great!
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    Does anyone know if Nextchange works when an rsa securid card is necessary for OWA access?
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    ch0de, Email David at Nextworks he will respond quickly and he will fix your problem. He fixed my problem. He told me to make a change on my exchange box, and it worked like a charm. I had to add the domain name to the domain and realm dialog boxes on my exchange directory in IIS. He also said version 1.5 will work without the change on my server, ask him if you can download it.
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    Is your version different than what's on the website?

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    I am using 1.5a, I guess he hasn't released it yet. I was having problems with 1.4 and asked him if I could try 1.5 and he was nice enough to let me test it. It's the one without email. So far it has worked very well. I can't wait for the Nexmail to be released.
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    i tryed what you said. same problem.
    He has yet to respond... but its only been 6 hours.. haha
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    hey it is sooo GREAT to see everyone's enthusisiam, i cant tell you what that means to us.

    Here is 1.5a, and so far....ITS AWESOME:

    Also, NexMail is 24 - 48 hrs out.

    Sorry for the delayed response...we have been working sooo friggin hard, days are like minutes. I am going thru my email now...
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    I'm interested, but every time I tried to buy the beta today, I always got a soft reset. Also get a lot of soft resets trying to sync. So far, haven't been able to sync with my exchange server, but I think I'm close to getting the settings right (went from 'could not reach exchange server' to "invalid login").

    Also, the link is down.
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    Been lurking for a while - and I have learned alot but...

    I've been playing with NexChange (1.4a) for only a while. But - I'm a little disappointed for a couple of reasons...

    - First thing is an apology to Dave at Nextworks because I know he is working on my issue - but no news is not good news when it comes to my email / calendar / contacts. I have a "specific" (read = not default) email URL config and Dave is working on it (I guess - see bullet #2)
    - I've emailed Dave at Nextworks, and although very quick to respond initially - hasn't responded back after the first email (I can understand now with 1.5 being released, but an email could have said as much).
    - I appreciate the enthusiasm that is shown towards this product, heck I get excited about this product when its talked about. But, getting the "Performing Synch Check" with the progress bar stuck around 20% is driving me freakin nuts. Isn't there any more detailed information you can give after it fails (or quits).
    - I realize that this is a horse race, but if this can get to market before BB gets to sprint - you can win the derby. However, I'm concerned from a business perspective that Dave is the only employee. How can I make a business case to my employeer that this is the next best thing to (fill in the blanks)... We are already looking to a BEZ server because its tried and true. I like the new technology - but this whole thing is driving me nuts!

    Again - I apologize, but its frustrating when you look at the price of this product and the potential that it can provide, and all I get is a 20% progress bar telling me to wait.

    Now - I'll throw down my .02 cents and stumble off my soap box.
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    treo ninja, first...please accept my appology for the delayed response i promise it has nothing to do with you and more with the sheer number of emails i am getting with ranging from we love you to we hate you and everything in between along with feature requests/enhancements and BUGS. The response we are getting is OUTSTANDING and we are soooooo grateful.
    Im not the only one at Nextworks but i am the only one is support right now however i am trainning 2 people for support.
    treo ninja, could you send me another email, there are quite a few people with the same issue you have and i cant figure out who you are. also, our helpdesk is down...i didnt like it anyway so i didnt purchase it, it was really expensive. i am implementing a new one this weekend.

    as far as a business case goes, we are here to stay and we have very significate IP wrapped around at least 5 applications in this same space with nexchange being one of them...and not the most impressive one. we have IP around a product idea that will be required on all converged devices in about 2 years. So taking our product to your mgt team will prove to be one of the most forward thinking, beneficial decisions you could make.
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    oh yeah and one more thing...nextworks has opened dialog with palmone, sprint and blackberry inthe last 2 months.

    and we have just started our first round of fund raising...just drop me an email if you would like to know more.
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    Anyone have this memory error on first full sync. After this process finished, whatever it is, I reentered NexChange only to get stuck at the intial Account Preferences Screen.
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    puyi, did you snooze it before you got this error?
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    No Snooze, the popup stopped on first mismatch, I hit okay and error moved to next record.

    I then hit the Home (main apps Launcher) button and NexChange worked it's way through subsequent records very quickly (the error popup flickered wildly trying to keep up).

    NC wouldn't let me go to the main apps launcher so I just walked away for a while.

    When I returned and reopened NC I received the trial popup, but NC is locked at the first Account Preferences popup (BTW, my previously entered info is already filled out).

    I tried warm and normal resets; it didn't make a difference..

    Sprint T600>Hardware C>Firmware 1.2
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    great input puyi, we are on it....i REALLY need to get the help desk up.
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    Anxiously awaiting for the release of NextMail....
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