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    Hey tDot, thanks for the enthusiasm. Unfortunatly we arnt going to be releasing it today. We still have some stability issues and testing to do. It's actually prolly ready as it is more stable then activesync and versamail but we are still going to suspend the release.
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    Anxiously awaiting! Great product, just have to fix the stability issues. With the next version have more robust email functionality?
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    is the "beta" => professional version (email) upgrade offer still in place...?
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    hey all, sorry for the delayed corrospondance, we have been working non stop to get this out.

    lemongrass, yes but not for much more then a week

    rxpbr99, thanks for the enthusiasm. we just finished with nexchange corp lite and it is AWESOME!!! i am sooo excited. the timers work sooo much better then i would have ever hoped for. the time frame is customizable, it barely hits the battery and it only runs when you are not useing the device. it is also incredibly stable now...its GREAT!! i am packaging it up today and hope to have it released early evening PST.

    now, the email client isnt quite ready. we split email out so it is now a completely separate app and that has taken a bit longer then we expected as well.
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    Thanks dtdionne. Just Ordered it at PalmGear!

    - Is it possible to set it so that Exchange always overwrites
    the Palm instead of 2-way synch? (I've had data loss on the Palm before which screwed up my Exchange data, so now I only synch one way).

    - Can the data (including email) be stored on the SD card? I have Goodlink, it's great, but the memory requirements are just too much, and they don't appear to be doing anything about it. That's actually the main reason I want to switch to Nexchange (and the fact that Nexchange uses the built-in data stores!).
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    lemongrass, this version wont have the ability to do a one way sync but that is on the development roadmap. I understand your feelings about losing data because of the palm, in fact, subsequent versions of NexChange will not actually delete items, rather they will utilize our newest patent which instead moves the "deleted" item to a subfolder of the datastore involved.

    As well, this version doesnt accomodate SD storage but that is on the development roadmap. I will say that Good is an outstanding product. So we are honored that you are evaluating our application. We had very long discussions debating whether or not to use the native db's and it was just too obvious to use them. The final version of NexChange which is the Enterprise version is a combination of the Pro and Personal versions that will allow for multiple profiles under many different configurations.
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    whats the ETA on the mail app? I really need that one.
    Will the beta upgrade offer include the email app?
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    dtdionne: " i am packaging it up today and hope to have it released early evening PST."
    It's now early AM :-) Is it available yet....?
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    That patent you refer to sounds patently absurd to me; it's the way most IMAP deletions are done.

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    Nextworks appears to be down.


    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Request timed out.
    Request timed out.
    Request timed out.
    Request timed out.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    Still waiting..... Vaporware?
    " i am packaging it up today and hope to have it released early evening PST."
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    Hey all, we found a bug in the 11th hour which has caused the delay and we are trying so hard to get it worked out. Sorry for the delay.

    rjt, yes the beta upgrade offer is for NexChange Corporate Professional which includes NexMail.

    mblank, thanks for the input however we are waiting for the USPTO's opinion.

    shneor, our firewall like most never respond to icmp packets simply to defend against the ping flood DDOS/DOS attacks.

    On a better note, many amazing things have happened over the last month and we are now looking for 5 - 7 sr. palm developers, 7 - 11 sr. java/brew/symbian developers and 4 - 8 sr. blackberry developers as well as 5 - 7 sr. support engineers. NexChange is the first product in a solid line of products we have IP wrapped around and planed in this space. Relocation is not necessary and this is an opportunity to get involved on the ground floor of an exciting startup.
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    dtdionne - The USPTO doesn't exactly have a stellar record in this regard. And you're looking to hire 30 people? Is that right?

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    dtdionne - How long does it take to get a registration code after
    purchasing at
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    mblank, we are actaually looking to hire 50 people of which 30 are developers.
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    lemongrass, about a minute. Keep in mind that you can also purchase it right from the device which is made possible by the great developers at a company called PocketPurchase (

    BTW, is anyone going to the PalmSource Dev Con this month is San Jose? We were given complementary tickets, so we will be attending and i would love to get a chance to meet anyone in person.
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    I forgot to mention, if you are an interested developer feel free to contact me here:

    David Dionne
    Toll Free - 866-488-9799
    Cell - 256-468-6398
    email -

    If you call the office and i dont answer call me cell. We are in the middle of a big, painful move.
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    dtdionne - I actually purchased it on Fri. Night, but never got any reg code
    from Nextworks...
    Order ID: SW3211512 on 2005-04-29 13:53:24.0.
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    Is the latest version availbale yet? If not when will it be up?
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