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    If you downloaded 1.1, goto the helpdesk and open a ticket stating that you downloaded 1.1 and i will email you 1.2
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    Hey all...we are still working on 1.2. We fixed the issue that wouldnt let 1.1 run and then out of the blue what appeard to be another bug showed commanding attention....which it has gotten a ton of. At this point it looks like it is a very valuable corner case that exposes an oversight in our xml parser and not just a pointless bug...and i promise there is a difference between them in the long run. This however does NOTHING for us or much more importantly, for you, in the short term. In a way i am a customer of this application and the fact that we found an over sight in the xml parser does nothing for me as a customer but keep me from using the application....VERY FRUSTRATING.

    So, we are going to get a couple of very needed hours of sleep then get right back too it. I am very tempted to give an estimate on when it will be up, but all i can really say is that it will be up as soon as possible.
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    Hey all...CorpPro v1.2 is up for download.

    I am building Corp Lite and NexMail now..they should be up shortly
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    Loads OK this time, but unable to contact server on either full or quick sync. OWA settings are correct.
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    David, is the only difference between lite and pro that NexMail is included?
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    the site is looking better and better. you guys are really moving. Congrats. How about Corp Lite 1.2 ?
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    I've followed the links to try NexMail and filled out the survey but getting the proverbial Error 404 off of the web site......
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    artgeek, call me at 866-488-9799
    bz101, you are correct, pro contains nexmail
    lyndon_h, thanks, corp lite is ready
    rsgmoose, nexmail is also ready
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    I have downloaded the new 1.2 and cannot get it to work. I am sure the issue is related to my configuration. I know how to set up my device for Activesync and I know how to log into our OWA web site, so how do I configure this product?

    Activesync settings:

    Login name: first.last
    Domain: iconnection (hosted service, different than my email domain)

    OWA Login:

    Web Site:

    I have noticed when I go to the web site, it ends up putting this in the URL bar.

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    hey supermanfan, based on what you have told me, this is what your settings should be for nexchange:

    hostname: - drop the https://, nexchange doesnt need it. Just make sure the ssl box is checked in the prefs
    username: first.last
    domain: mydomain minus the .com
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtdionne
    hey supermanfan, based on what you have told me, this is what your settings should be for nexchange:

    hostname: - drop the https://, nexchange doesnt need it. Just make sure the ssl box is checked in the prefs
    username: first.last
    domain: mydomain minus the .com
    Ok, how about the "Info Store" and "OWA Folder" settings?

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    I'm also having problem getting 1.2 to work. My guess is its probably due to the way my login information is setup. Please help.
    Activesync settings:

    OWA Login:

    Web Site:
    Login: "John Doe" (there is space in the login name)
    Email :

    Nexmail Settings
    Login name: "John Doe" (there is space in the login name)
    Domain: windows
    Infostore : jdoe

    When I try to connect, it says login failed. It also changes the settings in both login name and to "j"

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    superfanman, info store should be the same as your username and owa folder should be exchange

    mean2, i dont know what is going on with your's, so call me at 256-468-6398 and we will get you up and running...

    supermanfan, you can also call if you would like.
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    DOwnloaded Release 1.20 - do I need to delete Palm databases to properly sync? and - is there documentation that explains full vs. quick sync. So far, quick sync results in 0 items sync'd - thks!
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    Hello? Bump.
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    omg...the damn "post quick reply" just deleted a HUGE response i was writing...absolute BULL ****
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    it suddenly, out of the blue...felt like it should log me in again, deleting my entire response....THANKS!!!!!!
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    charliec - it sounds like your info store is not set correctly, do this, log into OWA and with the status bar in IE enabled HOVER over an email in your inbox and examine the url in the lower left corner of IE, the name after /Exchange/ is what your info store should be set too in the adv. prefs in NexChange. For example, my domain username is david but when i log into OWA and hover over an email the url is:

    This means that i need to put david.dionne in the info store setting in NexChange...

    There are two main differences between quick and full sync and they are:

    1. Quick Sync only requests changes since your last sync, not all items in all of the datastores which takes a lot longer
    2. Quick Sync does not process deletes from the server.

    NexChange and NexMail are automatically scheduled to do 1 full sync every 24 hrs to make sure you process all deletes.
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    Thanks. I am not getting any syncing, perhaps this was/is the issue. Will reinstall tomorrow..beat tonight...
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    k, and dont hesitate to call me either, 256-468-6398

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