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    I am using the verizon 650.

    It will get to about 800-850 calender items, then reboot itself.
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    thanks for the update.... let me know when you have that fixed and i would be more than happy to test it out

    thanks again
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    Can anyone answer jeff248's question about use of SecurID?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arnewman
    Can anyone answer jeff248's question about use of SecurID?

    David replied in post #182, right after jeff248's inquiry:

    Quote Originally Posted by dtdionne
    jeff248 - not yet
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    Indeed - thanks, taroliw - guess I missed it.
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    whty, send me an email and i will send you the ver that i think fixes your issue...also, it would be great if you could find a little time for us to get together and make sure its working.

    arnewman, i have looked into sid and it looks like it is a pretty easy implementation...we should be able to take a shot at it in the next couple of months...
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    hey all...You can finally get the full release version of NexChange Corporate Professional v.1 here:
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    I thought the "pro" version was supposed to have the NexMail bits, too. But this installation only seems to be NexChange -- enough for me, but a change from expectation. Also, I'm noticing that the front display says this is version RC 1.0. Is the "RC" a mistake, since this has gone production?
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    Hey Bill, good eye on the release status, thats been fixed. And yes this version should install mail. I just tested it on 9 devices and a few sims and the emu and it installed mail. Could you email me some more info on what your seeing?

    Thanks again Bill.
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    Well, after running the EXE on my windows system, where it unpacks the files before hotsyncing them, I only see a PRC for NexChange. No sign of NexMail.
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    I just ran the installer ( and it installed both on the Treo for me.
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    Do you guys have the a price point for the Corporate version hashed out yet? I'm gathering my ammo to make a convincing argument for the "bill payers" within the company.

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    This version of Nexchange also worked for me! (as well as Nexmail), I really have
    to congratulate David for sticking with it and getting it to work!

    I did make the mistake of not disabling my palm conduits though, so I got duplicates
    of everything... :-( (it was easy enough to manually fix my contacts and notes, but not sure what to do about the calendar...)
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    I installed pro, and now nexchange seems to freeze when performing syc checks. I wasn't sure if it was just taking a long time on the first sync, but after an hour I cancelled when the progress bar hadn't moved. So, Nexchange went from operable to inoperable with this upgrade. Nexmail still working great.

    Also, I have not been able to purchase the program because the license manager would reset my device and I could never get through the process. I see now with the new license manager the price has gone up from $119 to $149. I started a case with the helpdesk regarding the before the price increase, but it was never resolved. Seems I should get the $119 price (and a working version of Nexchange). I'm sure they will come through.
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    Hey Bill, you might want to download a new copy, i think you actually got it before the new one made it across the vpn from my were really on the ball my friend!!

    lyndon_h, Yeah, i brought the Corporate Pro version down from 174.99 to here is the price plan for all versions:

    NexChange Corp Lite - 119.99
    NexChange NexMail - 74.99
    NexChange Corp Pro - 149.99
    NexChange Corp Pro w/Exchange Hosting - 149.99 + $9/mo for the Exchange Account.

    tpherson, the one that you downloaded from palm gear was Corp Lite and it was actualy the RC caught it in the transition...plamgear wouldnt let me disable it for the transition. The one that you downloaded from our site in that last 24hrs is the Corp Pro version that comes with mail. you can still purchase the Lite version for 119.99 but it wont come with mail. If you need both, the pro version is a much better deal...Now about your nexchange not syncing, we need to get together and trouble shoot that. call me when you can at 256-468-6398 and we will get you squared away.

    ALSO....i spoke with txschafers and his issue with nexchange stoping at 109 was due to a confilct with activesync still running. apparently activesync kicked off while nexchange was doing its initial sync and they ended up fighting over item 109 duplicating it an amazing amount of times. He disabled active sync and nexchange finished its initial sync as it should. Nexmail is a different story, i did see an issue that i am investigating now.

    Leamongrass, thanks so so much for the kind words...they mean more then you know. And i am very sorry about the duplications. Tell me this....did the installer not automatically disable the 4 pim conduits on install?
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    Also, everyone keep in mind that we are going to be making MONUMENTAL improvments in stability and features over the next few months to v.1 of these apps....this is just a starting point, you can look forward to amazing improvments and additional features. And, on the helpdesk, you can not only open a ticket for support, but you can also open a ticket for a feature request that will be tracked and that you will get responses on.

    SO THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!! We made this version with virtually no money....just imagine what we can do with a little money because almost all of the money made from sales of this is going right back into the company along with some venture money.
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    I believe the installer gave an option to not disable the conduits, I should have been more careful... :-)
    Anyway, I found this free Outlook duplicates remover:
    which worked great on Outlook 2003's Exchange folders.
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    lemongrass...the installer should disable the four pim conduits regardless of that setting. did yours not?
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    OK, so I finally decided to give Nexchange a try (still doubt I'll keep it at 120 bucks but that's another story).

    The screenshots showed an option to delete contacts, calendar entries, etc. before syncing to avoid duplicates, although there was no mention of this in the quickstart.pdf. When I installed I did not get the option to delete handheld entries.

    I entered my server info and tapped "Full Sync." After about 50 calendar entries synced, I started to get paranoid about duplicating all of my outlook data, so I cancelled the sync to check my calender and, yes, there were about 50 new duplicates.

    How do I sync for the first time without duplicating all of my oulook data?
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    krankshawd, the reason you got duplicates is because the installer for Corp Pro did not disable the 4 pim hotsync conduits. I think PalmOne has changed something in the newer versions of the PalmDesktop and Hotsync that ship with the newer 650's, T5's and LifeDrives. We are still investigating this. The reason you didnt get the screen requesting to delete your pim db's on your device is because we found a way to get around that.

    For now, you (everyone) should follow steps 5 - 8 of the proceedure outlined in the "Important Information" pdf that is accessible thru Start > Programs > NexChange Corp Pro (with the exception that you choose "Do Nothing" instead of "Syncronize the files") to disable the Outlook hotsync conduits.
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