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    Does this support OWA that requires me to enter a passcode from a SecureID number generator to access my email??


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    hey all, here is nexmail 1.5da...its more stable and much closer to being ready. We think the only remaing issue has to do with a timing problem with Palm's netlib which affects the autosycn portion of if you enable autosycn it might work for you and it might not...this issue also effects the quick sync, which when it times out, creates a of a bunch of empty emails at the end of your emails, with only a "From" in it. So your best bet for now is to just use full syncs to check your emails.

    Get it here:

    jeff248 - not yet

    puyi - 1.5d is very stable and is working great for a ton of people...i checked my email and my voice mail and the helpdesk (which is back up from huricane denise) and i dont see any corespondence from you on the issues you are speaking of. Please give me a chance to help you get this working, i know you will LOVE it.

    This is too everyone that has followed us over that last year...

    I know i have made a fair share of mistakes...of which, i regret them all but we are now just feet away from the finish line in this, what seems to have been, a gruling 957754748957457485895948 kazilatrillion mile uphill PLEASE just hang in there a little longer. Despite all of my mistakes, i know that i am doing the very best that i can and i firmly believe that i havent disappointed a single person that has actually contacted im sure there are a few of you that havent been able to get in touch with me from time to time, but rest assured it isnt because i'm out catchin a round of 18 . Its much more likely that i am catching up on sleep because my body has forced me too or that i am in emergency mode with my significant other who hasnt seen me in days despite the fact we live under the same roof...her patients is remarkable.

    Now that said, please know that i am not looking for pity or anything like that because we are going to be fine....I am however begging everyone to hang in there and give us a chance to make our little application work for you.
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    I still plan on giving Nexchange another try.

    I just didn't want any data headaches while travelling (though this would have been the perfect time to use it).
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    David, where are you?

    Feel like I am seaching for Waldo....
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    Hey DTT, im here...I do have a bunch of missed calls so if you mean this morning then i was sleeping. I have been frantically chasing a timing bug in mail for the last week and have prolly gotten a total of 10 - 11 hrs sleep in the last week until last night.

    I finally squashed that bug at 5:50am hthis morning, sent an email to the rest of the team and crashed...i guess i got about 5hrs, it felt good. That bug took a lot out of me.

    Now that that one is fixed there are 2 or 3 much less serious issues left for mail and it will be done...

    Is there is anyone out there good at marking sales/marketing literature that might have a little time to chat?
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    Hey all, here is the latest build of mail...nexmail 1.5dc. I just found the fix for the nasty timing bug that has had me wipped out.
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    I installed the latest Nexchange today and it seems to be a great product. The first sync was a little slow, hoping the pace picks up on future syncs. Also had some duplication of contacts, but I think I have that sorted out.

    I also installed nexmail 1.5dc. I have the exact same settings as Nexchange, but I get "Session timeout\Invalid Login" when I try to sync. Any ideas. When will the full upgrade to Corporate Professional be available?
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    hey tpherson, im glad you like it...and the first sync is honestly 1000000 times longer then any other sync. now the mail app still has some be sure to goto , register and open a ticket for help....then download the latest build of mail(which we have been working since 11pm yesterday and have almost finished) from here:

    and then, call me at 256-468-6398.

    Everyone, you can now tap on the envelope on the main index for a list of be sure to check that out and humor me on how much you like it i know it's NOTHING compared to chatter or snapper but we sure are working our little hearts out.

    We have one bug in mail that only effects non-ssl connections and i hope to solve that today. We are actually going to have 4 products and they are as follows:

    NexChange Corporate Lite
    NexChange NexMail
    NexChange Corporate Professional
    NexChange Corporate Professional w/Exchange hosting

    I have to build the product purchase skd's, build the lastest versions, write the User Guide, and build the install packages....then we are ready for V.1 of the NexChange Palm line of apps. I should have this done by midnight this sunday.

    DISCLAIMER: The timeline i have posted WILL change if any substantial issues are found before then.
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    Sweet Mother of God, it WORKS! I can't tell you how much time I have wasted trying to get Exchange Activesync to work, and that was basically the main reason I got the Treo. I am going to purchase the product and want to get Pro when available. I just have one other question. According to your website the price is $39.99 and that entitles oyu to a free upgrade when the final release is available. When I go to purchase it on my Palm, its charging me $119.99. Is this correct?

    Now I can get rid of this BizConnect and VersaMail that keeps crashing my Treo. WooHoo!
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    Hey tpherson, that is great news!! You are really lucky that your coming in right as its starting to get stable...beleive me, we have certainly made our fare share of mistakes but we knew that we were totally commited to this and that we would get it right.

    Yeah, $119.99 is the price for NexChange Corporate Lite, unfortunately the 39.99 beta offer expired a couple of weeks ago. I am in the process of getting everything wrapped up for the rollout which should be this weekend...but I wil have the installers for all of the apps and a way to purchase it soon, like later tonight so I will send you an email with a link to the pro version then.
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    Can you post the latest Corp Lite link? I would like to give this another try and see if I can get it to work.
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    Just tried mail 1.5dd and it keeps timing out when trying to sync.
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    same here - timing out
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    not sure if mine is a time-out or not, i click sync it displays the sync screen for a few seconds and then brings me back to the inbox screen.

    just for clarification, i am accessing a NON-SSL OWA.

    any ideas?
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    Mine goes to sync...sits there for awhile and times out. Per the forum I have everything configured right so I am at a loss.
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    hey guys, 1.5dd is the latest NCL build...

    guys...please call me at 256-468-6398 and we will get you up and running...i am up and will be working kinda late tonight so feel free to call, i really would love to hear from you because I know that I can get you working great.

    whty, what you are experiencing is a known issue that i am working on right now.
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    Can we get a link to download?

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    Sure, below are links to the latest versions of NCL and NexMail

    NCL -
    NexMail -

    Also, since these are just prc's without the typical installer, be sure to disable the 4 outlook hotsync conduits to avoid getting duplicates.
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    I still get soft resets during the sync'ing process.

    Any ideas?
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    dtt, what device are you using? when during the process is it crashing?

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