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    My phone (since Oct-03) wouldn't work at all today except when plugged in, and the no service kept appearing. All kinds of weird stuff was happening like the screen freezing up, the battery indicator showing half full after fully charging, and the screen fading. I did all the soft and hard resets and it just wouldn't make or receive a call. Hope I don't jinx it but I was telling my wife I need a new phone. She asked why, I picked it up and the phone fell face first on the tile floor real hard and now my phone works fine. It was the first time I ever dropped it. Go figure, if you are out of options just slam it on a hard surface and hope for the best.
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    Sounds related to the battery/network search problem. The hard slam has been reported by some as a short-term fix for the problem. Search this forum -- replacement has been the real solution.

    The problem is, your wife will continue to be suspicious when you remark that you need a new "something" and your first response will be to slam it on the tile floor. Try this new technique when you mention that you need a new digital camera, MP3 player, Rolex...

    (Just slam it really hard)
    parenthetical guy

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