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    I have an unlocked GSM 650.

    With my Nokia and Sony-Ericsson phones I could "Business Card" a contact to another phone. In a Nokia it's "Business Card", in an SE it's "Send Contact". The info would be sent SMS and, depending on the two phones involved, be excepted straight into the phone book as a contact. Some models are incompatable for this part, but the info would still arrive in an SMS text.

    With my 650, when I try to send a contact and choose Messaging, it says that messaging does not support this feature and switches to a blank MMS template.

    My only solution is to manually copy the number from the contact, open an SMS, type the name, and paste the number. Pretty cumbersome proceedure for a feature that the simplest of cell phones will do.

    Am I missing something in the stock set-up? Are there easier work arounds? Any third-party apps that address this need?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Not sure if this is your answer, but I setup my signature (see pref application) with my full business card info so it gets sent with every email. Set it up and send yourself a blank text email to see what happens. Is this what ypu need?
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    No, not just my info ("Business Card") but any contact, as in "Text me Joe's number". Nokia calls this feature "Business Card". I need an SMS solution vice an email solution. Texting is the coin of the realm here in the Philippines.
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    I use Agendus and there is an option to beam contacts there. Also in the normal contact app if you select a name, click on contact, there is a beam optin there
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    I don't think he wants to beam, he wants to use SMS. Most likely the recipient isn't standing next to him, with an IR or BT ready device. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Sorry, misunderstood....
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    Looks like the Treos (600 and 650) don't support this feature.
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    I've been looking for a solution for this too.

    Here's a workaround - you can send the contact info by email to the sms address of your friends phone. For sprint the email address would be - I'm not sure about other carriers.

    It's a bit clunky but it works. I'm still hoping for a better solution...
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    Could it be that you can't send them via SMS because you're able to enter photos in contacts? With a photo in the contact you would have to send it as an MMS. Just a thought.
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    You can use the app "addr2memo" to copy the full contact details into the clipboard (or memo), then paste into an SMS.
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    crenshaw - thanks for the tip. tried 'addr2memo' and couldn't get it to work on my sprint 650. anything i need to know?

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