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    I have delux visor with Datebook and datebook 4 but I am looking for software or calendar program that lets me keep separate calendars for different events. For instance I would like to keep my daughter's college exam, vacation dates on one calendar and my business calendar on another and another calendar for work. Does anyone know of where I can obtain such a software program for my visor?

    Thank-you very much.
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    From my perspective you have the best program for such a scenario already: DateBk4. I would recommend setting up your daughter's schedule as a category and your schedule as another category. Then build a startup view that shows only your schedule, and another view that shows your daughter's schedule. A few taps and you can view your schedule, her schedule, or both integrated--whatever suits you.

    This is a very brief explanation of how to set this up. If you need more info. let me know and I'll step it out in more detail.


    P.S. I do this with mine and my wife's schedules and it works great!
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    Thank-you very much for your suggestion. I am a newbie so although I will try to do this myself, if you have the time within the next day or so I would appreciate hearing more detail from you about how to set this up. Thanks

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    I have an app on my PC for creating calendars called Calendar Creator 7.0. I believe this is their site: If that's a bum steer, try searching for Mattell, I think they bought them, or Broderbund.
    I know the app has a Palm conduit, but I haven't tried it at all.
    Best of luck.
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    Originally posted by jazzlover
    I know the app has a Palm conduit, but I haven't tried it at all.
    Does it have a conduit, or just import/export capabilities?
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