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    For the Mac Treo users, I finally got my Treo 650 today, only to become frustrated because the installation for the Palm Desktop ends in an error message. What's going on? I use Mac OX 10.3.8. Any ideas?
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    Tried Applications--> Utilities--> Disk Utility: Repair Permissions?
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    Repair permission and keep re-installing. Yes, it may take 5 or 6 re-installs before it takes. Strange but true that it will produce different results after it's run often enough.
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    OK I'm on my fourth install. So far all I get is Installation sucessful, and then Transport Monitor dialog box. If you try transport monitor, or launching hotsynch, the Mac tries to start up classic. (Yes I've already repaired permissions...) Of course Sprint has no idea of what's going on. When I open up the Palm Desktop, it opens after giving the folowing message "library error <PowerRegCarbon>,p" This is enough to make me dump the entire idea of even using a Treo.
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    OK, furthermore, when I look at the folders within the Palm application folder, most of the applications (Hotsync, PalmDesktop, Transport Monitor, Conduit Manager, etc) are contained in MacOSClassic folders, and when launched, they automatically launch OS9. What's up with that? I use 10.3.8, but have Classic available for the very rare cases where I need it. Why do these Palm apps kick Classic into gear? BTW, I'm on my 6th install. Instead of the PalmOne InstallShield Wizard box upon re-start, I get Transport manager, which as I've noted kicks OSClassic into gear.
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    Shouldn't be this difficult.

    Hate to suggest but, a clean OS X install first?
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    Did you have an older palm at one time? Are these left overs?
    I'm not even sure what MacOSClassic folders are. (Applications (OS 9)?
    Try an uninstall of the Palm Desktop and then a full re-install.
    If it's works under Mac OS X but there's Transport Monitor error palm has some notes about that as well.
    Check the PalmOne site sicne they have a large database of issues with solutions.
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    I did find that the Palm Desktop installer really messed up permissions on a couple of directories, such as /Applications!
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    I had an some very old Palm software on my hard drive, and dumped it. But it did the same thing. So now I'll clean system 9 (which I never use) off my hard drive, and see if that works.
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    I found I had to actually "uninstall" the Palm Desktop from both the Classic and OSX application folders. It didn't work at all to hunt it down and trash it.
    The Treo 650 does not come with an uninstall program. You have to use one from the Palm One site and you have to pretend you still have your old Palm (Vx) for them to allow you to download the version of the Mac Desktop that has the uninstaller bundled with it. It seems to be the same Palm Desktop, 4.2.1, on the disk that comes with the Treo, but with the uninstaller included as an option on the pull-down menu. Hope this helps.

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