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    I am sure there will be people who disagree, but I LOVE my new M3000 Plantronics Bluetooth headset! I am using a Treo 650 from ATTWS/Cingular and the M3000 works great. Auto connects to handset perfectly for great handsfree functionality. Also, I have tried a few BT headsets and wired sets and none of them provide the speaker volume this one does. In fact I had to turn it down on one call which amayzed me. To top it off, is selling them right now for $35.00!!! It was some crazy deal that was e-mailed to me and I think is running for the next couple of days. I ordered it on Friday and got it Monday morning.

    I know there are more expensive models out there but given the handsfree functions, clear reception on both ends of a call, I cannot see paying anymore for a BT headset. Just a quick review from a happy Treo BT customer!
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    I had to lower the volume too. Was a pleasant surprise.
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    I didn't even get to determine it's sound quality. I couldn't get past its size. It's freakin' huge! I looks like a female marital aid on the side of your head. When you look at the Moto 810/820, SE 660 or Cardo Scala 500, the 3000 is gigantic! I wouldn't want to use that thing in public for fear of even more ridicule than most wireless headset people get.
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    As long as it does not start vibrating.....I can live with it! : )

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